Re: Media types (are qualifiers lost?)

I would suggest that the spec should provide approximately as follows:

"The World Wide Web Consortium may define additional media types in the
future, and may also extend the media types listed above to include
qualifying parameters. All user agents must separate the value of the
MEDIA attribute into a list of one or more entries, each such entry being
separated from its successor by a comma (Unicode decimal 44). User agents
which do not support extensions to the list of media types defined in this
specification should truncate each entry at the first character which is
not a letter, a digit or a hyphen, and then make a case insensitive match
with the names of the predefined media types (screen, print, aural,
projection, braille). Unrecognised media types should be ignored."

I am not a skilled drafter of specification language, so this suggestion
is not as concise and accurate as it should be, but perhaps it could be
used as a starting point.

Received on Thursday, 30 October 1997 20:22:22 UTC