Re: Media types (are qualifiers lost?)

I interpreted the language of the specification differently. I understood
the statement that user agents must be able to parse the MEDIA attribute
in the manner described, coupled with the assertion that parameterized
values may be defined in a future version of HTML, as imposing a
requirement on user agents that conform to HTML 4.0 to follow the parsing
rules set forth in the specification. This would include the truncation of
each entry in the comma separated list of media types.

It is clear from what Al and Chris has said that such an interpretation
does not reflect the intention that underlies these provisions. I think
that the language of the specification needs to be clarified so as to make
it clear that a user agent which accepts parameterized media types will
nevertheless continue to be compliant with HTML 4.0 and that extensions to
existing types, as well as new types, may be defined by the W3C style
languages, or by a separate specification dealing with media types.

I hope these remarks serve to elucidate the nature of my concern and the
interpretation that has given rise to it.

The main point is to allow media types to be extended, and new types to be
defined, without requiring the HTML specification itself to be changed in
any way.

Received on Thursday, 30 October 1997 19:46:16 UTC