RE: SELECT/ OPTION GROUPS with the SIZE attribute

In the judgement of the chair, the post quoted below reflects the
rough consensus of the HC team.

The objector has not put forward arguments that the HC team finds
merit withdrawing the request to include the OPTION proposal
(OPTGROUP variant) in HTML4.

If I understand Dan's process, we don't strictly need to say
anything in this instance.  We may wish to mention this in a
latter communication when we have reached a rough consensus on
the Q-tag issue.

-- Al Gilman
/for HTML4/CSS2 WG

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After all of the discussion relating to this topic which has taken place
during the last few days, the objection to the WAI proposal still seems
completely unsubstantiated. Referring to unspecified complications with
regard to hierarchies and claiming that the WAI proposals are inadequate
hardly amounts to an argument. So far, no positive reasons have been
advanced which would support a change in the WAI working group's
recommendation with respect to this issue.

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