Re: SCOPE takes element type ... or ID?

to follow up on what Dave Raggett said:

> On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Al Gilman wrote:
> > I have to admit I had been wondering about a variation on SCOPE
> > which would take an ID [or IDs?] as its value.  [snip]
> The axes attribute already provides this flexibility -- specifying
> the location of a cell in the n-dimensional space described by the
> headers, while axis is used to group headers for a given axis.
> Do we really need another mechanism?

I agree that the same semantics can already be expressed in that
way.  The advantage is just a matter of economy of markup.  For
the cases where it makes a difference, you could be saving AXES
markup on a lot of body cells by one SCOPE indication on one

-- Al

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