Re: operational concept for table browsing

Dave wrote:
> I think we are working from different mind sets. A phone conference
> would be a great way to clarify things and speed our work along.
> Daniel can you help with organizing this?

Sure, in fact I also think one is needed.
I already gave Al the instructions to book the MIT line, so he or I
can book it.

I think we should target something early next week, maybe Monday.

I'm in Tokyo that day, so something around 9 or 10 am boston time
would be OK but not later.

> other ideas. I hope to have this ready today. Do all of the
> people on the WAI-HC list have access to W3C member only
> pages? If not I can put just the revised table chapter up
> somewhere publically accessible on the Web.

They should all have member access.

Received on Thursday, 9 October 1997 09:46:37 UTC