Re: Visible controls - Design canvas exception

Hi David,

I won’t comment on whether I agree or not (I think it will be a survey question soon), but to clarify some of the examples:

> 6) its a menu, text identifies the popup content

What about the items in the same menu that don’t have a pop-out menu? (E.g. comments.) How can it be an indicator when it works, but not an indicator when it doesn’t have the pop-up?

> 8) tick control: the purpose of the image is to be selected

If you click on the image (not the tick), the image opens full screen, so I’d say the selection-ticks are not the primary purpose.

> 9) Hover over thumbnail to play. Pass because thats a primary purpose

Play is one option, but it also has ‘edit’, ‘select’ and ‘more options’ controls, do they pass as well?

> 12) Fail: Heading text has a different primary purpose

It is also functionally a link and takes you to a ‘show all’ for that category, so it is multi-purpose.
(I think it’s a band-aid feature making up for the headings not looking like links.)

13) Hovering over initials in Teams: I think we need a convention that if there is a headshop or initials, that interacting with that head shot will tell you more about them.

I’d also argue that hovering over rows in a table (the next two) to show more options is a convention.

> 16) Edit a table

The last example is tricky, you get some controls on-hover (on the left), but clicking into the cells allows editing.

Thanks for reviewing the examples, I’ll update the notes around them.


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