Re: Change 1.4.10 to Level AA

I think that the difficulties you cite concerning reflow for current
websites are not harder than implementing any Level A criterion in 1.3.
That is, if the developer hasn't designed for it.

I think raising 1.4.10 to level A would demonstrate how much more useful it
is, compared to 1.4.4.

Best Wayne

On Sun, Feb 23, 2020 at 3:54 PM Patrick H. Lauke <>

> On 23/02/2020 22:55, Wayne Dick wrote:
> [...]
> > I suppose we didn’t make it Level A because we didn’t think it could be
> > met so easily. It can.
> I would say this is heavily dependent on the type of site.
> Functionality- and information-dense sites, particularly complex web
> applications, will have more trouble making a working/workable version
> at 320 CSS px width. It is not just the technology side that matters -
> as yes, technologies like responsive/adaptive web design are now fairly
> mature ... but it can be a challenge actually having to rethink how
> complex content and interactions can be made available in small-sized
> viewport.
> And as most companies/sites (at least in my auditing experience) target
> a base of WCAG AA, changing the SC to A won't make that much of a
> difference in practice (and sites/applications that actively choose to
> ignore it for AA will likewise ignore it if it was A).
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