RE: Focus visisble (enhanced) history

Hi Wilco,

> I noticed 2.4.7 was changed from Level AA to Level A. I apologies if I missed the conversation on this
That was from last summer, it isn’t a recent thing. It started from quite an active thread which you were involved in:

We then had various options outlined in this survey:

And then agreed on a call:

And then agreed to publish with that change:

The SC text for the WCAG 2.0 SC is not changing, it is just moving up a level.
If you would like to re-open that issue I think a github issue would be a suitable place to register that.

> The "success criterion" (and "guideline") text was removed from the headings.
That’s odd, I hadn’t noticed. I don’t think that is intentional, I’ll check with Michael.

> In 1.4.13 the word "Dismissable" was changed to "Dismissible". Similar to my first comment, a change like that should in my opinion be done in an errata, not in a new working draft.
It is an errata from 2.1:

That is why it is showing up in 2.2. (So the real question is why doesn’t that show up in 2.1, to which I’d have to dig into a W3C policy thing.)
Does that mitigate your concerns?
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