Re: A color tutorial from Tom Jewett

I think it is time to look at contrast and color.
Our formula may be the one, but it may not. This would really be a research
As mentioned before, we can calibrate any new test on the same scale we use
now so that the user interface of tests won't need to change much.
What we need muster is our talent in the mathematics, physics, electrical
engineering, vision science, photography and art.

There has been enough concern expressed about the current formula that it
seems reasonable to review our research and improve it if needed.

Maybe we need a different formula. Maybe we need to do more with
accessibility testing to ensure standardized evaluation. I just don't know,
but I am concerned with the distrust of our numbers.

I could use some suggestions about how to proceed organizationally. This is
not controversial. We are using a 10 year old tool in rapidly evolving
technology. A calm scientific review is in order. Tom Jewett and I are
happy to contribute.

Best to All, Wayne

Best, Wayne


Received on Thursday, 23 May 2019 18:54:31 UTC