A color tutorial from Tom Jewett

Hi All,
For those interested in the color / contrast discussion Tom has developed a
nice introduction to the state of things right now.

It is easy to follow and correct. It gives you some nice tools to see

Tom and I think the concepts of luminance and contrast need review. Here
are some issues we need to understand.
1. Is RGB as measured on current devices meaningful in terms of sRGB?
2. Are we using correct formulas for luminance and contrast.
3. Has the IEEE taken any recent steps to clarify how to compute cross
platform computations of luminance?
4. How do our members like Adobe address cross platform color issues, and
can this be applied in a reasonable way to computing contrast for

Whatever formulation we ultimately choose we can always write a converter
our key points remain constant like 4.5:1.

Well read, watch and enjoy,
Best, Wayne

Received on Friday, 10 May 2019 18:52:41 UTC