Re: SC 1.3.4 - to keep or not?

Hi Everyone,

I had two relevant discussions about this today, firstly with the COGA TF, then with the few people who joined the AG call out of habit 😉

The feeling from the COGA TF was that 1.3.4 is a useful SC to have, and helps with an issue that dis-proportionally impacts people with cognitive impairments.

However, it is not (as I hoped) a useful starting point for personalisation, partly because the current tools do not support autofill attributes to apply icons.

Lisa: please correct this if I’m not conveying that properly.

Therefore John’s proposal to rename the handle of the SC should be taken on to avoid confusion, hopefully as an editorial change.

As it is completely focused on autocompleting inputs, I’d favour:

  *   Auto-complete​

But I’m not wedded to that term…



Received on Thursday, 22 February 2018 17:27:59 UTC