RE: Use of ARIA to satisfy 'Identify common purpose' SC

I agree with David on aria-label not being a viable technique for supporting the “Identifying common purpose” Success Criterion.

Unless I’m completely missing the point to this SC or this discussion (which is certainly possible), using an author-specified description of purpose that isn’t tied to a list of universally recognized purpose-oriented tokens won’t allow for the substitution of user-specified symbols or text descriptions that support customization/personalization for the end user.  How is using an aria-label value any different than specifying a visible text label for a control, in terms of not supporting the dual benefits we seek?  In my understanding, these dual benefits are:

·        supporting a content author’s autonomy of how she chooses to label an interface control, and

·        enabling an end user to personalize the description of the same control’s purpose in the browser/AT rendering of the content.


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> <div id="A widget that does x" role="region" aria-label="Useful description of that purpose">

I don't think its viable. First off its not on a form input... but more importantly, assuming it was, tThe AccName should be reserved for the NAME so unless its identical to the purpose that would be a failure of 4.1.2 and 1.3.1

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On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 5:04 AM, Alastair Campbell <<>> wrote:
Hi Josh,

If applied to inputs (as the SC requires), that would over-ride the visible label, which is probably not what you intended?

It would also fall afoul of the new SC “Label in name”, unless the visible label happened to be included.

Perhaps you meant the more general “Identify purpose” at AAA?

If so, I think that would be a method, but you’d have to be careful it wasn’t overriding the AccName. In practice, I think it would have to match a public vocabulary, the understanding needs a bit of fleshing out there as I can’t point you to one yet.

There was a thought to apply general explanations to certain elements, but it went down the route of “programmatically determined”, so needs to be machine readable.



From: Joshue O Connor - InterAccess

Hi all,

To follow on from the (very useful but long) previous thread on this.
I've a simple question. Can we suggest the use of ARIA  labels etc  satisfy the 'Identify Purpose' SC?

Something like:

<div id="A widget that does x" role="region" aria-label="Useful description of that purpose">

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