Re: viewport/browser window size does not imply presence/lack of touch input...

On 17/01/2018 09:23, Detlev Fischer (TK) wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> I guess you meant to say
> "UNLESS the user has a mechanism to zoom, the following must be true"
> ...or (which is the same thing essentially)
> "IF the user doesn't have a mechanism to zoom, the following must be true"
> Correct?

Yes, got wrapped up in an unintententional double negative there.

> I think adding this exception would largely pull the rug from under this 
> SC since nearly all UA (or mobile OS, in their accessibility settings) 
> allow some form of zoom - so you would have a SC which you can in most 
> cases ignore (or which would have as only technique for authors 
> something like "Do not prevent the user from zooming by setting meta 
> name=viewport maximum-scale=1", or similar).

You saw through my evil plan, yes.

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