Re: Draft Response for #721 (RNIB): Seven issues remain where I need your help...

On 17/01/2018 10:50, Detlev Fischer (TK) wrote:
> * 2.5.5 Concurrent Input Mechanisms - RNIB wants to know id there are 
> ways of tesing that by checking code rather than manual testing. Patrick?

One could look to analyse any JavaScript in the page for the presence of 
certain classic "if touch, only do touch, otherwise do mouse/keyboard" 
code blocks (see example 4 of, look for other signs 
like code only executed for "touchstart" or similar. But that would 
really only be able to flag up the potential/need for manual checking. I 
suppose using some form of headless browser and test automation system, 
one might be able to construct some automated test...but that's well 
beyond my field of expertise.

Long story short: quickly testing on a touch-enabled laptop that you can 
do everything with a mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen is the simplest test.

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