Draft Response for #721 (RNIB): Seven issues remain where I need your help...

In the draft WG responses to RNIB's comments,


...I have now covered most, but seven remain where I need your help:

* 1.3.5 Contextual information - RNIB has concerns around publicly 
available vocab and how that would work, and thinks this will be 
difficult to test. They also raise the issue of specialised vocabularies 
(e.g., medical).

* How is 1.4.13 Content on Hover or Focus going to be tested? Steve?

* 1.4.12 Text Spacing - RNIB agrees in principle but thinks this will be 
difficult to achieve.

* 2.4.11 Character Key Shortcuts. RNIB finds this unclear.

* 2.5.4 Target Size (Enhanced) - RNIB wonders whether this should really 
be on level AA. I started answering but could not recall why we thought 
that even on level AAA we needed the list of exceptions.  Does someone else?

* 2.5.5 Concurrent Input Mechanisms - RNIB wants to know id there are 
ways of tesing that by checking code rather than manual testing. Patrick?

* Why is 3.2.6 Status Changes on AA (RNIB suggests level A)?

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