Re: Finding agreement on common purpose

> But wouldn't a conforming AT go looking for the exact token as defined 
> in HTML? If not, where are these mappings defined?
The mapping to a technology should be at the technique level, rather than in the “technology agnostic” guidelines doc.

So the logic is:
- WCAG provides a list of purposes for inputs (and hopefully later links & buttons);
- If you are using HTML, here is an HTML technique for applying those purposes to inputs, which maps to HTML autofil.

Ideally we’d refer to a specific spec for all of it, in a similar way to 4.1.2 being primarily defined by ARIA.  There is such a spec, but it is very wide-ranging and some aspects are further ahead than others.

Over the history of this SC it has been whittled down to practically nothing, with the HTML autofill being a very small toe in the door to get something in. However, I think the principle of how it works should continue to work if it is expanding in future.



Received on Tuesday, 16 January 2018 12:27:52 UTC