Re: Finding agreement on common purpose

On 16/01/2018 12:11, Alastair Campbell wrote:
> Léonie Watson wrote:
>> If the intent is for authors to use one (or more) of the tokens defined in HTML, the phrase "maps to" might be misleading.
> I think it is being used appropriately, as they may not be exactly the same even if the title & descriptor are identical.
> For example, the purpose (from WCAG) would be for the user’s last name. However, the HTML autofill attribute is wider, for any last name. (At least that’s how I read it.)
> If you are filling out an HR form with all your family’s details, the page should not mark-up other people’s last names with the attribute, at least for accessibility conformance purposes.

But wouldn't a conforming AT go looking for the exact token as defined 
in HTML? If not, where are these mappings defined?

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