RE: Re[2]: Finding agreement on common purpose

"Support Common Input Fields":

“For the list of common input fields that are supported by the technology for specifying the purpose of specific types, the purpose can be programmatically determined.”

Note 1: It is not expected that every technology supports the same list. Content implemented using a technology that supports a subset are  excepted for fields that are not supported while a technology that supports a superset are encouraged to implement additional meanings.

NOTE 2: Should authors decide to use more specific input field (e.g. using first name and family name inputs), authors are required to use the equivalent and corresponding values found in the technology used

7.1 list of common input fields

The following items represent an intended destination or action.







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Um, that’s basically what we had before, and follows the SC text Jake (and others) suggested recently.

It means cutting down the previous appendix of all the terms to just the ones fulfilled by autofill.


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I like that idea Alastair! If you think we could get that together

    (sharpish) I'd be happy to hear more.



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