RE: Agenda for AGWG Call, Tuesday May 1, 2018

Katie wrote:
> The contrast change that Jon demonstrated (thanks that this was in the minutes) Hilton site is something I was entirely unaware of. Thanks for bring it to our attention, apparently again.....:-)

Just to note, that’s a non-responsive site that has somehow managed to find a way to not expand a background whilst everything else expands. Some absolute positioning and z-index stuff going on there.

You can see the logo in the top right stay fixed to the viewport, whilst the rest of the layout expands underneath.

If something fails 1.4.10 like this, I don’t think you can fail it on contrast on top of that? It isn’t providing other views (in the way the new note describes), so simply fails on 1.4.10

There are examples where a page reflows and text shifts around over a background though, which is where the question came from.



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