Graphics contrast comments overview

Hi everyone,

I did a little comment round-up (as SC manager) so that I could summarise the new draft text, topically in comment order from the survey [1]:

Borders: I think borders need to come under "visual information used to indicate state", where the active state (that it exists) is a state. Otherwise James' example [2]  about a strong border on one side passing vs the same thing with an additional light border on 3 sides is true.

I would also rather not call out one specific method of providing that indicator without calling out all of them. E.g. A button could be indicated by a background rather than border.

Focus indicators: Again, might not be indicated by a border/outline, it could be a change of background or text attribute. I'd rather wrap that up in the understanding doc.

Adjacent colours: I think that was a simple omission by accident, I've added that to my draft.

4.5:1 - I'm happy about adding a 4.5:1 version at AAA (apart from me needing to create docs for that).

Non-text content: We had a comment from Sailesh about whether it covers text in graphics (which it shouldn't), he suggest saying "non-text content" instead of "graphical information", can anyone see a problem with that?

Extend the "except" sentence - agree (although this doesn't apply if we only have one exception, see below).

Sensory exception: Bruce, if you don't think we need it, it's gone. (I argued to keep it because you asked for it!)

Logotypes: Do people agree that would come under 'essential'?

Inactive state (Alex): The text only scopes in "active user interface components", so I don't think we need that exception.

Subjectivity: "It is fundamentally subjective as to whether any given part of the graphics is required to understand graphical content."
I agree it is subjective, but I think we can get to good consistency. Can we agree to test that at implementation?

If people agree with all of the above, that leaves us with:
The visual presentation of non-text content has a contrast ratio of at least 3:1 against adjacent color(s) for each of the following

- Controls: Focus indicators, and visual information used to indicate state for active user interface components
- Graphical objects: Parts of graphics required to understand the content

Except when a particular presentation of the graphic is essential to the information being conveyed.

The text is getting simpler, is something going wrong??



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