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On the mobile platform, there are multiple gestures that require more than one "finger"/pointer (pinch to zoom, swipe up with four or five fingers to access the multitasking screen for iPad users, etc.) In that second example, my understanding of the intent behind the SC was to say that in a scenario where multiple-finger inputs are the "traditional" way of interacting, that we don't exclude users who cannot provide multiple inputs, and that a single-input alternative is provided.

[Jason] On this interpretation, it still amounts to: “all functionality that can be operated with pointer input can be operated with a single untimed pointer gesture, unless a multipoint or untimed gesture is essential”. This text doesn’t exclude multipoint or timed gestures as alternatives.
I agree with David that the pertinent question is as to the scope of the exception, which takes us back to some of the comments summarized at the start of this thread regarding drag and drop, for example.


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