Re: Proposed replies to Pointer Gestures public comments (IBM)

> (It may take extra steps to perform some of those functions, but
critically the task can be completed using nothing but single-input


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> *From:* John Foliot []
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> On the mobile platform, there are multiple gestures that require more than
> one "finger"/pointer (pinch to zoom, swipe up with four or five fingers to
> access the multitasking screen for iPad users, etc.) In that second
> example, my understanding of the intent behind the SC was to say that in a
> scenario where multiple-finger inputs are the "traditional" way of
> interacting, that we don't exclude users who cannot provide multiple
> inputs, and that a single-input alternative is provided.
> *[Jason] On this interpretation, it still amounts to: “all functionality
> that can be operated with pointer input can be operated with a single
> untimed pointer gesture, unless a multipoint or untimed gesture is
> essential”. This text doesn’t exclude multipoint or timed gestures as
> alternatives.*
> *I agree with David that the pertinent question is as to the scope of the
> exception, which takes us back to some of the comments summarized at the
> start of this thread regarding drag and drop, for example.*
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