Re: Cleaning up working branches

I should mention, before I removed the old working branches, I tagged 
them so they can be restored later if needed. I don't think this can be 
done via the GitHub web interface, but if you have a clone of the 
repository, next time you sync you will get a copy of the tags, which 
you can see by entering "git tag" in a command line. The tag names are 
the name of the old working branch, with "archive/" in front of it. To 
restore a working branch, such as "accessible-authentication_ISSUE-23", 
you can enter "git checkout -b accessible-authentication_ISSUE-23 

I don't expect we should need to do this much if at all, but wanted to 
reassure people that there is this protection if we run into problems 
from having removed the old working branches.

You can play with this on your local clone if you want, but please do 
not push the resulting branch to the server, as that would undelete the 
branch and require more cleanup later. You can delete the local branch 
you just created with a command like "git branch -D 
accessible-authentication_ISSUE-23" to make sure it doesn't accidentally 
wind up on the server.

If you are not using a clone of the wcag21 repository and / or are not 
comfortable using git in the command line, don't worry about all this. 
Somebody can help if needed, I just wanted to put this information out 
there in case.


On 28/08/2017 4:21 PM, Michael Cooper wrote:
> I have now removed most of the working branches, except a couple for 
> which CfCs are still open, and various personal branches people have 
> set up.

Received on Monday, 28 August 2017 20:33:17 UTC