New working branches

To help with the next stage of work on WCAG 2.1, I have set up new 
working branches for each of the accepted SC. This will allow us to 
sequester work on each SC (refinement of the SC wording, Understanding 
content). The new branches are essentially to have less confusing branch 
names - issue numbers are no longer in the branch name, and the branch 
name matches the SC name. So for instance, work on "Accessible 
Authentication" should happen in the branch named 
"accessible-authentication"; work will also primarily be in in the files 
"guidelines/sc/21/accessible-authentication.html" and 
"understanding/21/accessible-authentication.html". So everything matches 
up and hopefully it's easy to find the right content in each working branch.

It is likely some things will change as work progresses, such as 
renaming or merging SC. We'll sort out as it comes up what to do with 
working branches, but for now a fresh set of working branches should help.


Received on Monday, 28 August 2017 20:21:34 UTC