Re: Cleaning up working branches

I have now removed most of the working branches, except a couple for 
which CfCs are still open, and various personal branches people have set up.

If you have cloned the wcag21 github repository, you probably want to 
remove these branches from your clone as well - this is not automatic. 
To do this, open a terminal that can run git commands, make sure you are 
in the wcag21 repository, and paste the following two lines:

git fetch --prune

git branch -D accessible-authentication_ISSUE-23 
accidental-activation_ISSUE-65 adapting-text_ISSUE-74-78-79 
animation-from-interactions_ISSUE-18 auditory-feedback_ISSUE-172 
change-of-content_ISSUE-2 change-on-request_ISSUE-48 
clear-controls_ISSUE-36 clear-purpose_ISSUE-55 
clear-structure-and-relationships_ISSUE-26 clear-text-and-voice_ISSUE-27 
complex-gesture_ISSUE-61 concurrent-input-mechanisms_ISSUE-64 
consistent-cues_ISSUE-31 error-prevention-legal-financial-data_ISSUE-33 
extra-help-advanced_ISSUE-52 extra-help_ISSUE-45 extra-symbols_ISSUE-50 
familiar-design-enhanced_ISSUE-35 familiar-design-minimum_ISSUE-49 
feedback_ISSUE-54 finding-help_ISSUE-43 graphics-contrast_ISSUE-9 
identify-charges_ISSUE-37 interruptions-minimum_ISSUE-47 
keyboard-with-assistive-technology_ISSUE-62 label-conforming-alternates 
labels-or-instructions_ISSUE-56 linearization_ISSUE-58 
manageable-blocks_ISSUE-24 minimize-user-errors_ISSUE-13 
non-interference-with-assistive-technology_ISSUE-71 orientation_ISSUE-70 
personalization-metadata_ISSUE-6 plain-language-all-content_ISSUE-42 
plain-language-enhanced_ISSUE-41 plain-language-minimum_ISSUE-30 
pointer-inputs-with-additional-sensors_ISSUE-66 pointer_ISSUE-59 
popup-interference_ISSUE-75 provide-support_ISSUE-32 reminders_ISSUE-34 
resize-content_ISSUE-77 return_ISSUE-53 safety_ISSUE-20 search_ISSUE-44 
section-headings_ISSUE-40 single-key-shortcuts_ISSUE-69 
speech-input_ISSUE-68 standardized-apis_ISSUE-46 structure_proposal 
support-personalization_ISSUE-6 target-size_ISSUE-60 
task-completion_ISSUE-21 timeouts_ISSUE-14 
touch-with-assistive-technology_ISSUE-63 undo_ISSUE-38 
user-information_ISSUE-25 user-interface-component-contrast-minimum_ISSUE-10


On 24/08/2017 2:12 PM, Michael Cooper wrote:
> To make it easier for our next phase of work, I will soon be removing 
> the 60 or so working branches we have been using, and replacing them 
> with a smaller set of new branches just for the SC that made it into 
> WCAG 2.1, primarily to support work on Understanding content. I will 
> "archive" the old branches so it's possible to get at content in them 
> if needed, but if you have content you want to retain I suggest you 
> grab it now. You can create a private branch in your local repository, 
> or copy content into a holding location of your choice. I don't expect 
> this will be generally needed, but wanted to give warning before the 
> branches disappear. No work should be going on in those branches, 
> except a couple for which we're still sorting the final consensus.
> I will follow up later with information about working with the new 
> branches.
> Michael

Received on Monday, 28 August 2017 20:21:03 UTC