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> note that the idea behind this can't easily be rolled into 2.1.1 Keyboard, as that would still not cater for, say, touchscreen users on a tablet with no external keyboard who are unable to tilt/shake/etc their device. Sure, per 2.1.1 the functionality should be also keyboard-accessible, but this leaves a gap for this user group (i.e. if the site supports only triggering via keyboard - for instance, pressing a specific key on the keyboard - and tilting/shaking the device).

While I agree that the idea of it can't be rolled into 2.1.1, the current wording offers absolutely nothing new that I can tell in my reading of it. If somebody meets 2.1.1 then they will have met this requirement  "content can be operated without requiring specific device sensor information".
[Jason] This is exactly my point. The proposed requirement is redundant due to 2.1.1. The exception isn’t. Currently, nowhere do we require any UI components to be operable via anything other than a keyboard interface (which is not equivalent to a physical keyboard).


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