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I share David’s concerns. I think that not filtering the list of SCs more effectively at this stage is just postponing the hard decisions and creating a lot of work for us as we move toward Candidate Recommendation.

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I had objected to the SC on survey... citing redundancy with 2.1.1

However, I reluctantly provided consensus. I still hold to that. However my big concern is that we only have a couple of months the vet 23 success criteria and put them in the shape that is ready for a formal consideration. We also have to write techniques and the understanding  sections. There are several success criteria I didn't have strong consensus and I am concerned about the amount of bandwidth they will take up once we get into the thick of finalization.

 So my hope is that this concern will be respected and that we will not lose too much bandwidth on the success criteria that we let pass-through. If so I would strongly object proceeding with this one.

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Thanks Patrick, yes, I'd be happy to see that. Do others agree to this approach?



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On 26/08/2017 10:44, Joshue O Connor wrote:
> So, I'm concerned that if we do not now get wider review we risk
> throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I'm actually not comfortable
> taking the opportunity for wider review when what seems like an
> interesting/progressive SC is on the table.

Any chance of adding a prominent editorial note in the draft pointing
out that the exact wording is under review due to potential scope issues?

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