RE: Where we stand on Animations SC #18

Hi Alastair,

It’s been awhile since I’ve followed this one, but I agree with David that “motion” by itself is not clear.  Most definitions of “animation” include motion or movement in the description.  I get what you’re after reading what you wrote:

>“Motion and scaling” are the ones we are confident are definitely issues. Colour changes, blinking and scrolling information (e.g. a teletype banner type thing) are not definitely issues, so I’d rather not try and cover those and leave it open to comments of over-reach.

As written, I don’t think this scopes out scrolling marquees since there’s obviously motion there.  I’m guessing you also want to exclude little things like a spinning coin?  Or would that be dependent on size?

Maybe use a word or phrase to refer to motion which includes position change of elements?


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Hi David,

I’m not sure what definition we’d use for motion & scaling beyond the dictionary ones?

  *   Motion: the action or process of moving or of changing place or position; movement.
  *   Scaling: the [change of] size or extent of something especially in comparison to something else
  *   (From CSS docs) Scaling: An increase or decrease in size.

For motion the dictionary definition is it, scaling less so. Would “sizing” work better than scaling?

“For non-essential motion or sizing animations triggered by a user action…”

Would that negate the need for a definition?



From: David MacDonald

I support the new wording, with a definition for motion and scaling

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