Re: Where we stand on Animations SC #18

Hi Stephen,

> As written, I don’t think this scopes out scrolling marquees since there’s obviously motion there.  I’m guessing you also want to exclude little things like a spinning coin?  Or would that be dependent on size?

That’s a good point, I shouldn’t have used that as an example. We want to ignore the size/timing aspects we had in the term ‘significant’ when at AAA.

The core idea at AAA is to keep it simple and movement/size based (rather than colour or blinking). In discussions of this in a CSS context the terms are generally “motion” oriented, and the media-query is called “reduced-motion”.

In fact, scaling could be seen as a type of motion, which could be called movement, so perhaps the simplest is:
“For non-essential movement triggered by a user action, there is a mechanism to prevent the movement and still perform the action.“

Does that work better? Personally I find ‘motion’ more straightforward but I have a CSS bias.

These are all terminology optimisations around the core idea, so hopefully not a big deal to change.


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