Re: Moving Issues 62, 63, 71 to the conformance section

On 14/07/2017 17:57, David MacDonald wrote:
>  > Try as I might, I've not gotten VoiceOver to work on my Samsung 
> Galaxy yet, and I don't think I ever will...
> Yes it is shorthand, however, I don't think we can require developers to 
> support every environment. Especially buggy environments ...  (such as 
> Talkback/Android)

A bit of a sweeping statement, considering VO like all other AT also has 
bugs and shortcomings.

In any case yes, as with AT support on desktop, we want to make sure 
that things first and foremost follow standards (correct use of ARIA, 
HTML, CSS, JS, SVG, etc), and secondly that these technologies are 
applied in an accessibility supported way (with all the fuzziness 
surrounding that definition) 

I do want to echo John's overall sentiment though that we should be 
careful not to use synecdoche (VoiceOver to stand for "AT on 
mobile/tablet/touch-enabled devices"; "small screen" as a shorthand for 
"mobile touch-screen only device") that comes across as biased, 
limiting, or inaccurate.

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