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At some point, they both point to "The Glossary", except different
"glossaries" seem to exist depending on which issue is in play. I
understand that this is due to branches, but I am asking for a stable trunk
that I can use...

Lisa was upset that I hadn't read the "Glossary Entry" for Contextual
Information because I was looking at the Draft spec, and not her (or rather
the issue 6) branch... and then I inadvertently brought up a "wrong"
glossary because I was looking at the draft text related to Issue 38... I
mean, we have multiple instances of almost identical but not quite
identical "glossary" entries... *I'm* struggling with the cognitive
overload that is introducing.


On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 11:46 AM, Andrew Kirkpatrick <>

> As a follow on to Thursday's meeting, can we ensure that all relevant
> glossary additions are being added to the draft spec as well?
> I added all of the links to the Issue 6 definitions today.
> guidelines/#support-personalization
> For example we need to have the definition for * contextual information *(
> guidelines/terms/21/contextual-information.html
> <>)
> added to the spec dated June 30/2017 (
> #glossary
> <>
> )
> I’m not following this –
> <> above
> is resolving to a different URI so I’m not sure what you are really asking,
> but if you do mean the June 30 TR spec then we won’t add the contextual
> information definition to the editor’s draft until an SC that uses the
> definition is accepted into the editor’s draft.
> (Am I the only one struggling with the fact that this:
> <>
> ..and this:
> 6/guidelines/#glossary
> <>
> are functionally different when it comes to definitions? {And / But the
> differences are hard to spot})
> I’m not clear on what differences you mean – Issue 38 has no definitions
> at this time, and Issue 6 does…

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