Re: Proposal for WCAG 2.1 editing / review process

I agree separat files makes every sense from a tracking and history point
of view. It does complicate the 'build' and cognitive load though.

Slightly off topic but I see from fogbuzz has gone for a
google doc-like shared editing experience, rather than VC complexities.
That said, their requirements are different.

Steve Lee

On 14 March 2017 at 19:58, Wayne Dick <> wrote:

> Dear Michael,
> I think this is a very good start and one that can be usable by the whole
> group, but there are clear difficulties.
> How do we keep one depositories with multiple views? That is the problem.
> I do not think we can skirt it.
> Are there ways to link something like Google Docs, a clear favorite among
> COGA members, and github.
> This is the classic data independence problem faced in early databases.
> GitHub is the DBMS, but there need to be alternative views that connect
> smoothly.
> Wayne

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