New wording for clear controls - is this the right direction?

After yesterdays call Neil and myself worked out some new wording that we think addresses the gist of the feedback. It will take a fair bit of work to get the definition of standard format so can we have a feel for whether this is the direction we want to go in before we do that work.
The proposed new wording is:
 unambiguous controls: A mechanism exists for rendering visual interactive controls in a standard format unless they have clearly labeled instructions that explains their use.
 An exception is available if the style is an essential part of the main function of the site, such as for a game.
  Then we have to identify what is a standard controls with a minnium testable criteria. This will take us a few weeks but it will be along the lines of:
 standard format: A format that identifies their roles. At a minimum this includes:
  Buttons and links have a clearly identified outline or are underlined unless they are in a tool bar or menu bar that has a clear outline (either via a border or background color) that only contains elements with the same role and interaction patterns. (side note: tab items and toolbar items in the same bar would fail) .
 Options are are associated with a check box, radio box or are in a list box
 Note this is issue 36 - it is always best to put comments there

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Received on Wednesday, 15 March 2017 09:29:39 UTC