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> On a reading of SC  2.2.1 or 2.2.2 I do not feel the  issue is addressed directly.

Sailesh, I agree with Patrick that the wording of SC 2.2.1 would cover this type of content.  While I agree it could be more clear I do feel it falls under the SC and is in line with the understanding documentation.


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On a reading of SC  2.2.1 or 2.2.2 I do not feel the  issue is addressed directly.
This is not a case of 'For each time limit that is set by the content' covered by SC 2.2.1. This is a poorly implemented alert dialog where the alert text appears only momentarily. There is no time limit that can be extended / suppressed etc. 

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 I would say that yes,
 that sort of situation falls under (my  understanding of) 2.2.1.
 See the 3rd example on

 "A Web page includes an
 animation which includes text that appears and  disappears throughout. In some cases, the text  is scrolling across the  screen and in  others, it is only displayed for a short time before it  fades into the background. The page includes a  pause button so that  users who have trouble  reading the text before it disappears can read it."
 and note the "only
 displayed for a short time before it fades..." part.
 28/02/2017 16:21, Sailesh Panchang wrote:
 > Guideline 2.2 Enough Time: reads
 "Provide users enough time to read and use  content".
 > Do any of the SCs under
 it actually address a situation where an error message pops  up momentarily and disappears?
 > SC 2.2.1 generally addresses time out  situations  > SC 2.2.1 addresses  moving  / scrolling / auto updating content  > Funnily, there are situations where the  error message remains available to screen reader users but  not visible.
 > (Generally invisible
 content available to SRs  may pose a 1.3.2 issue).
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