Re: I will vote against WCAG 2.1 Draft


were these issues raised previously? Yes, GitHub is not the most ideal 
of tools for many reasons, but there are workarounds that can be applied 

One of the quickest is to set your browser to pretend to be a 
mobile/phone device. This results in GitHub going into mobile view, 
which linearises reasonably well and is reasonably responsive (though 
some advanced functionality is stripped from those pages).


On 20/02/2017 14:36, Wayne Dick wrote:
> ​Dear Working Group,
> You will notice a distinct absence of people with low vision on the
> Github issues discussion. That would be because the software is
> inaccessible  to people with low vision. It is not that we are not
> interested. It is that we cannot use the software effectively enough to
> participate.
> I am sure someone on the list with full sight will tell me just how
> great screen magnification software really is. Problem solved. A system
> that requires 40 to 100  times the work just to scroll is accessibility
> support. Please include the people who are effected.
> This is the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group of the W3C. Certainly
> we can create an interface that can be used by the effected  parties.
> Wayne

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