Re: Publishing FPWD - immediate response needed.

Please don't miss the deadline!

It could be critical in getting it into the standard designed to support the EU Directive "on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies".


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Gosh. That could be problematic if they do not put forward the ones that are most crucial. -, that would be crazy.

Josh and Andrew are you proposing that you decide what SC are included or can each task force reach a consensus on what SC they feel are the most important for inclusion in a first working draft.

To jump in - the chairs are *not* proposing they decide what SC might get included as "proposed" in the FPWD. They have asked TF facilitators to nominate a set. The chairs will have to select from that set ones that are most likely to help public review of the draft as a whole, and hope to select about 8 from each TF - *from among the ones submitted as most important for that TF*.

This is a fast turnaround because we think it's still important to make the planned publication date, so I don't think there's time for the TFs to do a consensus process, I hope the facilitators can speak for the TF on this. If the WG doesn't approve this fast direction, then we won't make the publication date, which has a set of impacts on us. If the WG does approve the direction, a review copy of the draft with those SC in will be made available quickly, and the group can still decide to approve or reject that as a whole, so hopefully the FPWD will be something everyone can live with. I know this is all fast, but I hope we can make it work, as it will leave us in the best position for the rest of the year.

About the various comments saying yes but let's make sure to make the not-yet-approved SC visible and link to the issue / pull request - that is definitely part of the proposal.


What is the advantage of your deciding that?

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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That's not what's being asked and voted on. I assume TFs and SC managers will advocate and suggest, but my understanding is the chairs are to come up with the list we will vet.

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I agree with Kathy, I think the  each task fource should each identify the 8 success criteria they would like to include

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Lisa Seeman

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I agree and support the direction to incorporate a selection of SC from each TF into a FPWD draft provided that we mark the SC with a note that indicates that the SC is in a proposal stage and has not reached WG consensus.

On the MATF call, people suggested adding a link to the other SCs that did not make the first draft so people can see what is on Github and comment?


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We have heard an increased number of requests that we ensure the WCAG 2.1 FPWD willbe released before CSUN in order to keep in line with the Charter, which specified a February date. Concerns cited include that we will open the group to criticism if we miss the deadline (the counter-concern is that the group would be open to criticism if the SC are perceived to be poorly-vetted) and that we really need additional outside feedback on many items and we won’t get that until we have a public review draft.

Our feeling is that there are three factors under consideration, and that we can only satisfy two of these:
1.        Deliver the FPWD on time
2.        Deliver the FPWD with SC that are well-vetted by the WG
3.        Deliver the FPWD with a large number of the proposed SC

The Chairs and Michael feel like we need to consider a compromise position.

We are asking the group to provide quick feedback on the question of whether people would approve the incorporation of a selection of SC from each TF into a FPWD draft provided that we mark the SC with a note that indicates that the SC is in a proposal stage and has not reached WG consensus, but that we would welcome feedback on the SC to help the group refine them further.

If this were to happen, the chairs would prepare a review draft with ~8 new SC from each TF, and then we would have a survey sent out tomorrow that would provide a way for WG members to provide feedback on each SC, and assuming that there aren’t major objections (due to a SC not meeting the SC requirements in a profound and unresolvable way) then we would include each SC in the draft.

This is a change, and it will require compromise for everyone. This requires that the group members are willing to put out a draft that explicitly states that it includes non-consensus items.

What do people think? If we are going to do this we will need to move quickly.



Andrew Kirkpatrick

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