Re: Coga SC inclusion in wcag 2.1

> Milliken, Neil <>
> 8 February 2017 at 20:08
> +1 we should all have a say on this. It's not OK to take arbitrary 
> decisions that will exclude people.
<chair hat>

No one is making arbitrary decisions. What we require is review of 
suggested SCs within the group - that is the first robust review phase - 
then those that are fit for purpose and then approved *by* consensus can 
be included. There is nothing arbitrary in this.

As it stands just including *everything* whether it's good, bad or 
indifferent doesn't seem feasible and could reflect very badly on the 
group. We need quality control and require internal consensus that any 
new proposed SC is actually good enough for the editors draft - and the 
subsequent wider public review.

</chair hat>

I do take exception to the idea that we are trying to exclude people. 
Personally, I tire of this kind of rhetoric or any implication. The 
group _has_ to do due diligence to make sure our next iteration of the 
standard is the best it can be. That requires collective effort and 
focus. W3C process is what it is, lets just try to get down to business.

Joshue O Connor
Director |

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