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Thanks Alistair I am convinced that each SC can potentially meet the criteria - at least to the bar of WCAG 2.0. We may not have communicated it adequately and we may need new glossary rewording  etc. Some flexibility is also helpful.

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      Lisa wrote:
 > With the proposed change to the survey, we are effectively saying "we need to include this user need, AND we also have to solve these issues with it"
 I’m saying that the issues have to be *solvable*, at this stage I wouldn’t object if there are potential solutions that are not fleshed out yet. (This relates to number 9 on the SC requirements.) But there has to be some solution that a site-owner / content-author can reasonably use in 2017/2018. 
 > The attitude of vet and throw out does not work 
 Some of the feedback for ones I’m involved with has definitely given me the feeling of: “urg, why are you just bringing up problems, how would you write it?!”
 Some people are very good at saying: “I think this is a problem and here’s how I think it could work.” Some stop at the first step, but I put that down to them not having much time.
 Overall I consider the reviews from the group are a 1st pass, and if *we* struggle with it, the reaction from a wider audience at FPWD will be far less… considerate. (I remember seeing a draft of WCAG 2.0 in 2006/7 from the outside, and not being surprised by Joe Clark’s reaction.)
 > We need to put our heads together on these user needs and SC's and make them work. 
 Agreed, and it is difficult to go from user-requirement to content requirement. I committed to several SCs from the LVTF because I could see how they could work, and my experience with front-end code was useful there.
 It sounds like you need some more people with SC writing (and/or web development) experience to help out?
 Group: Is anyone available? Doesn’t have to be as an SC manager, just concentrate on a couple of SCs to understand it and contribute wording.
 I should be able to pick one next week, if my current ones are dealt with.
 Thaddeus wrote: 
 > As someone that has over 15 years experience in the UX/UI space but not much experience in the authoring of Success Criteria I would like to be part of a collaborative effort that brings more diversity to this initiative.
 Me to, I officially joined in 2014, so this is also my first time around on WCAG SCs as well. 

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