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Hi all--
This is an interesting, useful, and thought-provoking thread, but I do have a more general question:
Are we answering your question, Andrew? Is there a particular circumstance we should be addressing?
My two cents...

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 If we can establish a metric that is reliable and that we can establish a high "inter rater reliability" among human testers who "derstand how people with different types of disabilities use the Web" then it is testable. In that case it's not "subjective" in the eyes of WCAG, and can be formulated as a testable statement. [Jason] This is a superb statement of the position that, as I recall, was developed during the evolution of WCAG 2. The challenge is to write the requirements in a way that facilitates achieving the best inter-rater reliability that we can (unfortunately without the benefit of a formal study to verify and improve it, unless someone volunteers to run such experiments).    
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