Re: Interruptions (issue 47)

Loading a page that the user has asked to go to is not an interruption. Clicking on a link is a user initiated action. Do you want us to add that to the SC text or to the description ? 

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can you add a response there - it makes it easier to track and record 

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Does playing a video or animation at the opening of a page (or say 3-4 seconds) count as an interruption?

or only something that happens in the midst of using the page?

(is opening a new page or clicking on a link or submit button etc  - a user action? ) 



 Gregg C Vanderheiden

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Hi Folks

We are changing Interruptions (issue 47) to AA from AAA by allowing it to be achieved via a mechanism that can include personalization settings. 

The wording is now :

 Interruptions (minimum) : There is an easily available mechanism to postpone and suppress interruptions and changes in content unless they are initiated by the user or involve anÍ▓ emergency
 Level AA

Please let me know if there is any objection or I will make the pull request tomorow 

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