Success Criterion #32 - Help

Hi Everyone,

I am assigned as the manager for Success Criterion #32.  There are some
comments on GitHub this SC that I would encourage you to review.  This
success criterion is about contextual help and the proposal is to create a
new SC that is AA.  There is also discussion about the format of the SC and
whether or not it should be broken into smaller SCs.  Please review and
comment in GitHub so that we can move this SC forward.

​​Best to you,

Jan McSorley
VP, Accessibility
Psychometrics and Testing Services

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Austin, TX  78753
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Twitter: @Jan_McSorley
Skype:  jan.mcsorley

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*We put a man on the moon in the 1960's ... surely we can make information
technology fully accessible to people with disabilities.  It can be done
... it must be done ... it will be done!*

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