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On 20/01/2017 12:18, Alastair Campbell wrote:

> Well, we’re covering web-content rather than native apps

Interesting side note: during discussions in MATF, there has always been 
some circling around "we want to also target native (mobile) apps", with 
the point that native apps are still "content". While I share your view 
that this is about the content only, already with things like Flash we 
had a certain blurring of the lines (as yes, Flash is content, but 
essentially its own isolated user agent in many ways).

> Just because something isn’t supported on mobile doesn’t mean we
> shouldn’t improve things on desktop, assuming that it doesn’t make
> the mobile experience worse for everyone else. I think that applies
> to Resize content and several other SCs as well.

Sure, I just want to make sure the language is crystal clear - because 
if the SC mandates that something be possible, and the platform doesn't 
natively provide it (no browser, no OS feature, etc) then it needs to be 
clear that the onus then doesn't fall on the author to provide 
customisation dialogs and widgets (unless they want to).

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