Regarding merging overlapping SCs

I've been thinking about the overlapping issues and have a few thoughts and
suggestions. There are not too many overlaps but there are a few. Given
that our first draft is in 6 weeks, I think we shouldn't focus too much on
combining them. I find it's a lot of work that takes away from moving on to
other SCs to get them ready... what if we just focus on managing the SCs
separately, unless there is an easy win on combining? We could  list
possible overlaps in the draft, and let the public respond.

Here's the groups of overlaps I see.

Issue 9, 10 and 36.

Issue #2 and 54

Issue 58, 51, 77

Issue 18 and 6

Issue 28 and 29

Issue 51 and 78

I've done the analysis here

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