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On 14/01/2017 17:41, Wayne Dick wrote:
> Thank you Steve. So, solution mark descendant void elements with role =
> 'presentation' .

<span> and <div> are, by their definition, already semantically neutral 
and presentational. So no, authors should not need to add 
role="presentation" to them, as that should be the base assumption from 
the start when you encounter those generic elements.

> JavaScript changing style could then create a symbol
> table of all 'presentation' elements grouped by style values, and change
> what is needed.
> There we have it. A mechanism exists.

A mechanism for what? What are we actually talking about here now?

You started the thread complaining that "Whoever wrote this site won't 
allow a change of font family even if the change is the last author font 
family specification set to !important.", and it turned out the problem 
was not with the site, but with your custom stylesheet not accounting 
for real-world markup and the possibility of nested elements in headings.

Now we seem to have moved to some idea that authors need to add extra 
redundant markup just so that it's possible to run additional scripts on 
a page to allow for easy customisation of presentation for all possible 
components in a page?

At that point, I'd suggest that what you'd really want is a dedicated 
user agent that strips out author-defined presentation and/or transpiles 
existing pages (something like the "reader mode" in Safari for instance).

> I only use style sheets myself because they are easy for quick one-off
> solutions. For general users browser extension are the answer.  Still a
> style sheet could check for "role='presentation'" and do something useful.

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