Re: Pixel, Points and Spatial Measures

> Maybe we only need to drop "point"as a term

Big +1, in all future work we should use the unit of the medium.

> and let market pressure solve the base font issue for us. Over the last 400 years publishers that used font below the critical print size for fully sighted readers went broke.

The equivalent here is that everyone used to design for 1024x768 (mid 2000s), so when the iPhone came along and popularised mobile Web access in 2007 its layout algorithms worked with that type of layout.

Now although the range starts at 320px, the visual size is still similar (perhaps larger?) to the old 2024 layouts.

So long as authors make it work up to 400% (new SC), that is pretty big...

Oh, and perhaps recommend one of those large-size low-resolution monitors for those that need things bigger? And Opera on Android...



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