Re: Testability of Animation from interactions Issue 18

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You are missing two big things here:

> All newer screens (mobile and large) have default pixel densities that result in smaller view angle - even if you hold mobile device closer to you.

Not correct. The whole point of CSS pixels is to even that out, otherwise text and icons on newer devices would look smaller, tiny in fact. We keep trying to  explain this, I thought we had made progress but apparently not.

> But I leave the animation work to the cog sc. I have no new research beyond what we learned in doing WCAG 2.0

This whole thing is about vestibular disorders, I don't think that was considered during WCAG2 and AFAIK coga haven't looked at it, I'm not sure if they would consider it in scope.

The main 'trigger' that gets the most complaints is parallax scrolling, which is essentially triggered by the user but they can't stop the resulting animation and still use the page.

At the extreme end there are people who cannot look at a computer for over a day after a nasty episode.(It does seem to be a triggered phenomenon like epilepsy but with different symptoms.)

It is a big enough issue that Apple put a setting to turn off triggering animation in iOS.

Please see the description for links to articles and interviews, size is definitely a factor.

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