Re: Length of line

JF wrote:
> a significant re-write is likely in order, as that is not at all clear from the current draft text​, which states that (for the author) a mechanism be provided​ (actually, "a mechanism is available")​ - which suggests to me that it is the responsibility of the author to provide that mechanism. 

I get that people aren't understanding that the intent is that it could be via user-agent, I didn't to start with either. However, don't you want to keep the WCAG 2.0 approach?

This is language directly taken from 2.0, used in bypass blocks, audio control, link purpose, unusual words, error prevention, and more at AAA.

Mechanism is defined in WCAG, and the (normative) note underneath is:
"Note 1: The mechanism may be explicitly provided in the content, or may be relied upon to be provided by either the platform or by user agents, including assistive technologies."

If that isn't suitable, what would you suggest? Can we sort it out in the Understanding doc?

I think we're retiring Line length, but the point is the same for several others, so it is worth hashing out.



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