Re: Length of line & Resize & Reflow.

JF wrote:
> I think we need to step back a bit; what is the real goal we are trying to achieve here? I don't think it has anything to do with actual character count (per-se), but rather that we need developers to not break text re-flow (perhaps to a minimum of 25 REMs - Root EMs<>). Level-set: LVTF, is this the real "goal" here?

Sorry I'm late on this thread, travel & meetings and stuff, but John is correct - the goal was not to dictate a particular line length on everyone, but to enable manipulation for those people who need it.

I think we need an overview of how this group of SCs fit together, so people understand the intent, so we can improve the SCs without going in circles.


1. Resize content [1], where a user would activate the browser-zoom functionality up to 400% of the default.
It is the *authors responsibility* to ensure that the CSS & media queries work to that level in normal circumstances.

2. Reflow to single column [2] is to enable people to go beyond 400% and have a correct reading order. It is NOT intended to be the authors responsibility to make the reflow happen (in HMTL), but to make sure that if someone does forcibly reflow the content, the reading order makes sense.

3. Line length [3] is to enable people to reduce the line length to something that fits within their vision, regardless of the sizing. Again, it is not intended to be the authors responsibility to make that line-length happen, but to ensure it works if people forcibly reduce the column width. That could be by window sizing, or a user-style sheet approach.

I'm not convinced that the Line length SC is needed if Reflow works, as the issues you'd get doing reflow are likely to be harder to deal with, but I haven't had much time on that Line length yet. 

I also made a quick & rough media alternative to that explanation, a screencast: (37MB video)

So there is no need to discuss whether a particular line-length is achievable at any zoom level, that was not the aim. 

What would be good to discuss is how to refine the wording of the reflow & line length SCs to make that clear!




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