Length of line

I'm the manager of Issue #57 line length.


I was asked to explain why 25 characters was chosen as the threshold. I
deferred to the LVTF
​ since I did not write that requirement​
. One point that was mentioned was that 25 characters is about the width of
most news article columns.

I did a survey of several top news sites on the web and measured the length
of characters when text size is 100% (no zoom)

-CNN 74
​ ​
characters without counting spaces 87 with spaces. could narrow to 35 (w/
spaces) in Responsive
-NBC 61 no spaces 73 with spaces, could narrow to 39 (w/ spaces)
-ABC NEWS 81 no spaces 92 Spaces, could narrow to 43 in responsive
-FoxNews 67 no space 79 spaces could narrow to 45 in responsive
-Le Droit french 74 no space, 86 with spaces, no responsive
-Google News 73 No Spaces 87 with spaces could narrow to 44 in responsive
- Huff post French 67 no spaces 79 with spaces no responsive

one of these sites passed the new SC proposal of 25 characters. They all
went to horizontal scroll when window was narrowed less than those
​minimum character ​
widths shown above.

​Do we
 want to make the minimum a little wider, say 45 or 50 characters.

For reference, the following is about 25 characters:

"This test assesses basic"

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