Re: Word count of New SC compared to WCAG 2

On 03/01/2017 18:06, David MacDonald wrote:
> but I'm concerned that the world is watching for WCAG next, and has been
> waiting over 8 years. Is this the first thing we want to release to
> these stakeholders in 8 years?


> I think we may want to postpone our release date for the FPWD, until we
> can parse these, figure out how we are going to organize them and make
> some preliminary vetting.

The FPWD does not need to include all the proposed SC. It only needs to 
include those SC that have been reviewed and categorised by the time the 
FPWD is expected. Other SC can be added incrementally to subsequent WD 

Please don't consider delaying the timeline. Eight years is far too long 
as it is - let's not make it worse.


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